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Doctoral Consortium 2022

The Doctoral Consortium is a shared platform for doctoral students worldwide. The principle behind the Doctoral Consortium is that it no longer makes sense to have individual professors in individual classrooms teaching individual groups of students, now that it has become obvious that we can all connect online in a single global classroom. The Doctoral Consortium is not intended as an exclusive club for elite institutions, but rather as an inclusive platform for doctoral students worldwide. The Digital Consortium aims to bring you the very best experts in the world, and to establish a doctoral platform for discussion where everyone can come together and debate ideas, like some form of global brain.


Series A: 8:00pm EDT-1 day / 2:00pm CET / 8:00am China 

June 13: TBD

June 14: Shiqiao Li | University of Virginia

June 15: Shiqiao Li | University of Virginia

June 16: Shiqiao Li | University of Virginia

June 17: Antoine Picon | Harvard GSD

June 20: Matias del Campo | University of Michigan

June 21: Kiel Moe | McGill University 

June 22: Liam Young | SCI-Arc

June 23: Peter Trummer | University of Innsbruck

June 24: TBD

Series B: 7:00am EDT day / 1:00pm CET / 7:00pm China 

June 13: Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen  Royal Danish Academy CITA

June 14: Patrik Schumacher | ZHA / Tongji University

June 15: Patrik Schumacher | ZHA / Tongji University

June 16: Patrik Schumacher | ZHA / Tongji University

June 17: Ila Berman | University of Virginia

June 20: Mario Carpo | UCL

June 21: Patrik Schumacher | ZHA / Tongji University

June 22: Patrik Schumacher | ZHA / Tongji University

June 23: Patrik Schumacher | ZHA / Tongji University

June 24: Yupeng Wu | The University of Nottingham

Young Scholar Symposium

June 18&19: TBD

The Digital Consortium will be hosted on Zoom.

Recordings of all sessions will be uploaded onto the DigitalFUTURES YouTube channel.


This event is hosted by the DigitalFUTURES International Doctoral Program of Tongji University.