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Resourceful Architecture

8 December at 7:30am – 2pm  EST / 1:30pm – 8pm CET / 8:30pm – 3am China

Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen and Carlo Ratti, Moderator: Martha Thorne

An international symposium challenging the material practices of architecture. Keynote speakers: Carlo Ratti, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, Dirk Hegel, Martha Thorne, Philip Yuan, Sabine Oberhuber, PhilAyres, Communal Taller, Anna Denell, Alexandre Monnin.

Youtube livestream: www.youtube.com/c/digitalfuturesworld/live

BiliBili livestream: https://live.bilibili.com/22290623

More information: https://www.uia2023cph.org

Design shapes our world, from the places we live in to objects we use every day. As we grow more aware of the limits of our planet’s resources, shifting from an exploitative to a restorative, regenerative and circular design ideology becomes fundamental.

Resourceful Architecture is a first pre-event in the UIA2023CPH series leading up to the congress event summer 2023. This symposium examines approaches to resourcefulness in architecture; how sustainability challenges the foundations of our material practices and how they can change with it. We ask how rethinking waste through circular design paradigms can challenge our ideas of ‘end of life’ and engineer new materials with bespoke lifespans that actively engage and correspond to building performance. We question how computational design processes can aid the management of recycled resource stocking, support processes of de-fabrication and optimise the strategic deployment of resource. We challenge our assumptions of how materials are sourced probing how bio-based and synthetically grown materials can lead to new agri- and silvicultures of resource procurement.

And all of this in context. To understand the change to resource in the built environment we must consider the global processes of extraction and deployment and their economic, social and ecological consequences. We must engage the vast potential for global knowledge embodied in crafts tradition and local vernacular while innovating participatory models and supporting education, research and local technology development.

PRE-EVENT: Resourceful Architecture


The World Congress UIA2023CPH “SUSTAINABLE FUTURES - LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND” asks how can architecture contribute to achieving the UN SDGs. In preparation, the pre-event situate the questions, develop the answers and create the knowledge communities we hope to engage in the UIA2023CPH world congress. 


13:30 Setup and Welcome

14:00 KEYNOTE: Towards a theory of resource in the anthropocene

Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen, DK

Professor and Head of CITA, Royal Danish Academy: Architecture, design and conservation

14:20 KEYNOTE: Circular Consequences

Dirk E Hebel, DE

Professor of Sustainable Construction and the Dean of the Department of Architecture at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


15:00 Session 1: Challenging Technology Through What Design

15:10 Resourceful architecture

Carlo Ratti, IT/US

Architect, engineer, inventor, educator and activist. Professor and head of the MIT Senseable City Lab

15:35 Low tech and High tech perspectives

Philip F. Yuan, CN

Professor, Co-chair of Built Environment Technology Center, CAUP, Tongji University, Principle and Co-founder of Archi-Union Architects and Fab-Union Technology


16:10 Session 2: Challenging Material

16:20 Ressource as intergenerational 

Sabine Oberhuber, CH

Pioneer of circular economy and Co-Founder of Turntoo

16:45 Living Materials for hybrid assemblies

Phil Ayres, DK

Associate Professor at CITA, Royal Danish Academy: Architecture, design and conservation with focus on bio hybrid assemblies


17:10 Panel Discussion 1

Moderated by Martha Thorne


18:00 Session 3: Challenging Context

18:10 Community visions

Communal Taller, MX

Communal Taller is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the Social Production of Architecture

18:35 Rebuildign with Recycling

Anna Denell, Vasakronan, SE

Sustainability Director Vasakronan

19:00 Extro: Rethinking design agency: De-design

Alexandre Monnin

Professor at the ESC Clermont Business School in ecological editing and design, Director of the MSc "Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene" and Scientific Director of the Origins Media Lab


19:30 Panel Discussion 2

Moderated by Martha Thorne