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登录学员账号,在“My Information”页面完善个人信息(履历、技能、3张代表作品图片等)。




在账号登陆的状态下,前往“My page > My workshops”页面,查看报名记录,并随时关注录取状态变化(录取过程采用盲审形式)。


录取状态(Accepted或者Waiting list)公布后,学员须在6月1日之前,在三个录取结果中选择其一进行确认(意味着同时放弃另外两个结果)。


对于选择确认“Accepted”录取结果的学员,耐心等待导师通过邮箱联系,开始营前准备工作;对于选择确认“Waiting list”录取结果的学员,可继续关注该志愿的最终录取状态(Accepted或者Rejected),导师有一定几率会从待定名单中补录学员。

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*The workshops are open to students, professors and scholars, as well as professionals. There is no fee for this program, and students are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. 


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Get information on instructors and teaching for each group of workcamps

Register a DigitalFUTURES account

Go to www.digitalfuturesworld and click the "Sign in" button at the top-right corner.

On the Sign in page, click the “Register” button at the bottom-right corner.

Register as workshop participants. (please use your valid email address and name. The name will be displayed on your certificate of completion.)

Upload personal information

Sign in to your account.

On “My page”, click the square button of “My information”.

Complete the personal information form. (resume, bio, 3 image samples of your representative work, etc.)

Apply workshops

With the account signed in, go to the "Workshops" page from either the "Events" menu or the home page.

On the "Workshops" page, click any workshop to go to its details page.

Click the "Apply" button at the top-right corner of the details page. (Each participant can only apply 3 workshops maximally. Applications CAN NOT be changed once being made.)

Check application status

Go back to "My page" click the square button of "My workshops" to view your applied workshopsKeep checking the application status during the blind review.

**Keep checking the application status during the blind review. **

Comfirmation of acceptance

After the application results (either "Accepted" or "Waiting list") are announced, you will berequested to confirm one of your three results by June 1 (This means that you are willingly to abandon the other two results.)

Preparation before participation

If you confirm to stay in a "Waiting list", you need to keep checking the final application result of the workshop (either “Accepted” or “Rejected”). There will be a certain chance that the instructor will accept a few students from the waiting list.

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